The European Commission

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The European Commission

commission logoThe European Commission: This institution is formed (currently) by 27 Commissioners (one from each country which appointment must be ratified by the Council and the European Parliament. The current president is Jose Manuel DuraoBarroso from Portugal. Every commissioner seeks for the global interest and not the national one.


The Commission is the institution that proposes the laws in the EU. It has the duty not only to ensure that the legislation has the biggest consensus possible through different consultation processes but also, and fundamentally, to ensure the correct application of the approved laws into the Member States, what is called the transposition of the EU law into national legislation.

The Commission, apart for enforcing EU law, also manages the EU budget and the different programmes that are allocated into it (agriculture, education, fisheries, environment, etc, if you want to have a closer look about how the EU budget is shared you can click here

EU budget

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