The Council of European Union

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The Council of European Union

council logoThe Council of EU: It is the institution who gathers the Ministries of every member state; The current president is Herman Van Rompuy and in addition, a rotating presidency of the Council is held every 6 months (you can check here when will be your country´s turn)


The Council adopts legislative acts, normally together with the European Parliament in what is called the “co decision process” (do not worry you have a wider explanation in the next point). This collaboration is necessary when adopting Directives, Regulations and specially in the adoption of the EU budget. It also concludes international agreements in behalf of the Union and coordinates the policies of the member states in certain aspects like economic policy.

The decisions are adopted by, at least, qualified majority. Instead of complicated numbering, we invited you to check how it works.

Be careful!! Do not confuse the EU Council with the European Council (that are meetings held 4 times per year) and the Council of Europe (that it is not a EU institution and which members go beyond EU borders)

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