Where is our Europe?

Along with our condolences to the families and friends of the victims, the Norway’s “Breivik” case shows how far we are from the creation of an open and tolerant society in Europe.

AEGEE – the European Students’ Forum condemns violence. Any kind of violence. Physical or Psychological.

The recent happenings in Norway shocked us because violence showed its worse face and ended up in taking away the life of more than 93 young people.

AEGEE expresses its deepest and sincerest condolences to the parents, siblings, families and friends of the victims.

Along with our grief for the victims, we also express our concern of what will come tomorrow.

It’s been observable across the continent that over the past (few) years xenophobic and extremist opinions are finding more and more support.

We, the members of AEGEE, believe in an open and tolerant society without prejudices towards any ethnic or religious background.

We have been facing xenophobia, but never in a form of “2083 – A European Declaration of Independence,” which Breivik was writing.

Never in a form of “a crusade against “cultural Marxism” and the rising “Islamization” of Europe.”

The blood of the 93 young people has been spilled in the deadliest incident of Norway since World War II.

AEGEE concluded in 2007 the EuroIslam Project and is at the moment starting a project to better include Roma people as our Flagship Project for the next two years. We are taking our share and responsibility. But our European and national authorities have to walk along with us.

Within our grief for the loss, we consider this the most appropriate time to call the European Parliament, the European Commission, the Council of Europe and all the European governments to find a common strategy to combat xenophobia and promote the peaceful coexistence of different cultures in Europe.

by Manos Valasis, former President of AEGEE-Europe (2010-2011)