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Contact information:
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Basic information

Established in: 1999

Main aims and tasks:

  • Sustaining AEGEE’s human resources and enabling its members to turn their ideas and visions into reality
  • Coordinating the training system of AEGEE
  • Preparing training content and keeping it updated
  • Preparing the human resources strategy in collaboration with the Human Resources Committee


  • Organising European Schools
  • Organising workshops during statutory events
  • Sending trainers to Local Training Courses, Regional Training Courses, etc
  • Sending trainers to external events
  • “ProTrain” which is a programme that encourages and supports active, competent and motivated AEGEE members to acquire training skills. The programme is based on the acquisition of competences and continuous feedback from an experienced mentor, who helps the mentee to develop as trainer.


Sustaining AEGEE’s human resources and enabling its members to turn their ideas and visions into reality has been the long-term vision of the AEGEE-Academy since its foundation in 1999. Founded by Bernhard Müller (AEGEE-Augsburg), Erik Krier (AEGEE-Augsburg), Oleh Kyriyenko (AEGEE-Lviv), Rolf Wienkötter (AEGEE-Wien) and Gunnar Erth (AEGEE-Hamburg, Szeged, Györ), this Working Group started with the main aim of developing and strengthening the human resources of AEGEE and of stimulating the motivation of its members. It strives to combine the competences of AEGEE members with the opportunities AEGEE offers, towards the achievement of the organisations’ aims. The Academy supports the personal development of AEGEE members by providing a diversity of training courses and co-ordinating a mentorship system. It maintains an overview of the personage and tasks in the organisation and empowers its members to find their place in the organisation.

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Getting Involved

The ideal member of the AEGEE-Academy is a young active member wanting to develop him/herself and use all his/her potential in order to have an impact and carry on his/her projects. This member should be open minded, motivated and willing to learn and inspire others. New members can join the AEGEE-Academy after attending a Training 4 Trainers or completing the ProTrain programme. They can also become an AEGEE-Academy trainer after the positive evaluation of their experience by the board.

Regular members: experience as a trainer or having attended a training on how to be a trainer would be needed

Board Members: experience as trainers and on the European level

Related fields of study:

  • Management (especially HR management)
  • Psychology
  • Education
  • Leadership
  • Coaching

Working methods:

E-mails, Skype meetings, Facebook groups, sharing data systems (Google docs, dropbox, etc), regular team meetings (weekends, 3 or 4 days in a city, etc).

Amount of work required:

  • Fixed time: 10-15 hours during normal weeks for board members
  • Variable amount during trainings (intensive weeks)