Team blue: The First Step Towards a Borderless Europe

By: Hanna Polishchuk


Early Wednesday was our departure day from Brussels and at the same time the first day of the trip. At the beginning, it felt uneasy but as we hopped on the first train with our InterRail passes, all the doubts dissolved. After the previous sleepless night, we got the chance to relax in the train until our next stop, which was Frankfurt am Main.

Route day 1

The time passed very fast while we were in the next train heading to Dresden. One of our team members, Ksenia, found a big spacious room with a table that was usually for the mommies with babies. However, as there were not any moms with their little toddlers, we were allowed to use this place for the Europe on Track temporary headquarters. This room was the perfect place for teambuilding activities and discussions of our future mutual work and collaboration. We spent the time nicely together for the next four hours and suddenly approached Dresden. In our pursuit of the Wi-Fi, we were running from one side of the station to another, and at the end, the internet connection we found was so bad that we could not upload any picture!

The final train of that day was the best experience ever: fast, comfortable, with a good Wi-Fi signal and four sockets! We could not dream for more! This journey was so pleasant that we hardly noticed when we crossed the German-Czech border, it was indeed the experience of a borderless Europe! At some point we heard the train driver making an announcement in Czech and we realised that we were approaching Prague.

eot blue


When we left the train, we saw Karolina from AEGEE-Praha and Anichka from AEGEE-Kyiv, who came at the station to meet us. After a warm greeting and exchanging of our excitement, we went directly to our host’s home to leave the luggage. The apartment was just in the center of the city, and I have to say we all fell in love with this place! In the evening, we gathered for dinner and real Czech beer. Afterwards, we interviewed our first candidate. It was interesting to see how borderless Europe is for an Ukrainian living Czech Republic. We finished our day with a romantic city tour in charming Prague with Thomash and Sasha.
We are ready for more!