Team blue: Europe on Prague!

By Hanna  Polishchuk


The day began quite late for us, as we finally had the chance to get a normal sleep! After having a delicious breakfast made by Ksenia we went to see the city with Sasha. . It was very interesting to go back with her to the tour of the past, as she told us many interesting historical facts about beautiful Prague.



The Old Town Square was full of people! However, it was really hard to find there Czech people, so the interviews were from Polish, German, Italian and Latin American tourists. People were easy-going and willing to be part of the project sharing their opinion with the rest of Europe. It was interesting to hear the honest answers to the provocative questions created by the EoT3 Project Team. Sometimes the answers even seemed like a cry from the depths!

DSC_9535Later on, we went to see the Prague Сastle, that impressed us with its gorgeous look, picturesque view, garden, cathedral and the interesting Presidential flag tradition that informs citizens whether their president is inside or outside the city. On our way to the castle we found a Czech student (finally!) who amplified our future documentary with his answers. Some people were too shy to give us the interview on video, some agreed to answer the short questions, and some were not willing to answer anything at all. Nevertheless, we managed to do a productive work, finishing one more day with a late night interview and a summary of the day at 3AM even though we had to wake up very early to catch the train to Warsaw!

The EoT session began in the evening at the Prague High School of Economics. Even though people were already tired after work and studies, they came to meet us and listen to what we prepared for them. Our main topic was “Where Does Europe End?” Apart from presenting our project and trying to strike a spark out of people, we asked them to define the borders of Europe themselves. Two teams were working on this task, discussing about whether to include certain countries in the European area.


The biggest debates were about Russia, Turkey, and the U.K. Surprisingly to us, some very small countries were indicated with a very high precision, while others disappeared from the maps! After both groups presented their results, we compared their maps and showed the actual map of Europe. It caused more debates and suggestions from participants and the conclusion was that it is really hard to define borders and that they differ from one person’s perception to another and it is much easier without any borders at all.

This was our first stop and our first experience of this project. We sincerely hope AEGEE-Praha enjoyed it as much as we did, and that everyone who came learnt something new and asked questions to him\herself that were not arising before. We hope that our input in Prague will inspire young people to participate more in building our future European future together.

We also want to thank everyone for the participation, we enjoyed being with you all.


See you somewhere in Europe!