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Deportation of a French student in Turkey as a consequence of the #Gezi protests

Turkey is not in the news anymore. The focus of the media shifted to more pressing events in other parts of the world, like Brazil (first because of the massive protests there, later because of a football championship). Even the new massive protests in Egypt are not on the first page of the newspapers anymore; after one month of people in the street, tear gas and messages against their government, attention is focused now in where in the world is hidden Mr. Snowden. However, in Turkey normality has not come back. There are still groups of citizens which non-violent protest [...]

Deportation of a French student in Turkey as a consequence of the #Gezi protests2013-07-03T16:53:38+02:00

We all won the Peace Nobel Prize 2012!

Yesterday started with a long anticipated news, the Norwegian Nobel Committee has announced the Peace Nobel Prize for 2012. The Laureate was a great surprise for all the AEGEE members and all the Europeans, since the prize has been awarded to the European Union "for over six decades contributed to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe". Even though the prize mainly has been given to natural persons, organisations such as Amnesty International, International Labour Organization, International Committee of Red Cross or the UNICEF have been also awarded in the past. This prize, on the [...]

We all won the Peace Nobel Prize 2012!2012-10-13T21:21:10+02:00
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