AEGEE’s response to populism: European Planning Meeting Zagreb 2017

Long before President Donald Trump's victory, Europe's populist movements have been on the cusp of sweeping far-right, nationalist and euroskeptic parties into power across the continent in a series of upcoming elections. Once consigned to the fringes of the political scene, these parties now legitimately stand front and center alongside their more traditional counterparts. The word “populism” and “populist movements” are everywhere in the media. But what the concept means in the everyday realities of citizens of Europe? Opinions might differ. Many also claim that the upcoming European elections in several countries elections and the decisions citizens take might bring [...]

AEGEE’s response to populism: European Planning Meeting Zagreb 20172017-02-07T01:10:15+01:00

Witnessing when democracy is happening: European students observing the Referendum in Scotland

An election observation mission by AEGEE-Europe was present at the Scottish Independence Referendum held on the 18th of September 2014. Setting its main focus on the representation of the youth in Europe, the mission had as its goal to enhance democracy by ensuring the transparency of the voting process and the compliance with international voting regulations. The ongoing debate whether Scotland should be independent from the United Kingdom reached its culmination with yesterday's referendum. The public opinion on the matter had been divided during the campaigning process: preliminary polls had predicted an even distribution of votes on either side, with [...]

Witnessing when democracy is happening: European students observing the Referendum in Scotland2015-08-03T10:21:53+02:00

How AEGEE is helping at the Turkey mining tragedy and the Balkan floods.

In the past days, two different tragedies have shaken our continent with too little impact on the news in many of the EU countries, which are focused into their national problems, the European Parliament elections, and in some superficial events such as the end of the football championships. In Turkey, 300 people died trapped in a mine in Soma, in the worst accident in a mine in the region in the last decades. The mourning for the victims has been mixed with outrage for the feeling that this accident could have been prevented. (1) In the Balkan peninsula, [...]

How AEGEE is helping at the Turkey mining tragedy and the Balkan floods.2014-05-20T18:28:03+02:00

AEGEE Promotional Materials Design Contest

AEGEE-Europe issues an international Design Contest to provide designs of the official AEGEE Promotional Materials. Concept: Contest is for a set of 4 different promotional materials which should have visual connection between each other. Such a promotional materials will be to promote AEGEE across the Europe. Format of designs: Poster – A2 size, colour 4/0 Leaflet – A4 size, double folded, colour 4/4 Flyer – A6 size, colour 4/4 Flyer – A6 size, colour 1/1 Design Guidelines Design must respect AEGEE Visual Identity, custom design elements are allowed and welcome Designs should be computer generated preferably in vector art form or [...]

AEGEE Promotional Materials Design Contest2014-01-20T15:32:42+01:00

Welcoming the European Youth Guarantee

One week ago, on Wednesday Dec 5th, the EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, Mr László Andor, presented a new package of measures against unemployment. The job market is severely affected by the crisis, and the situation gets worse every month. We stand now at alarmingly high youth unemployment rates in Europe: an average 23% in the European Union, and in some countries like Spain and Greece, over 50%. It is true that youth unemployment was an endemic problem in many regions in Europe but the situation is derailed now, and this has moved the European Commission (EC) to finally [...]

Welcoming the European Youth Guarantee2013-07-26T12:15:22+02:00

Global Youth Forum in Bali

The Bali Global Youth Forum was held in Indonesia on December 2012. Its aim was to review the implementation of the Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development and prepare the follow up beyond 2014. As a result, recommended actions for the outcome report of the review were produced, together with recommendations to be included in the the post-2015 United Nations development agenda. Additionally, the Global youth Forum helped to generate a new consensus on putting youth rights at the heart of development policies. AEGEE-Europe participated in the Global Youth Forum, represented by its President Luis [...]

Global Youth Forum in Bali2013-07-26T12:14:24+02:00

Hate speech out loud

Hate speech, human rights combat, young activists and initiatives, freedom of expression and anti-discrimination – these  were the most frequently used terms at the Hate Speech Fair on 29th October in Bratislava, during the pre-event to Agora Budapest titled Brighten your Horizons. The event, organised in cooperation with the Council of Europe, encouraged members of AEGEE and other young people to join the campaign Young People Combating Hate Speech Online, and inform them about the presence of hate speech crimes in Europe. The event’s thematic concept brought fruitful results. Denisa Samková from Ternype, the association of Roma youth, as well [...]

Hate speech out loud2012-11-19T12:51:31+01:00
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