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Contact information:

Basic information

Established in: 2012

Main aim:

To create a pool of students who are knowledgeable about healthy lifestyle and its influencing factors, so they can implement the gained knowledge for their and others’ future benefit.


The Health4Youth Project Team

The Health4Youth project is a project that tackles the topic of ensuring a healthy lifestyle. This project will bring healthy living closer to students all over Europe with easy little steps. With a team full of creativity the ideas ranging from a YouTube cooking channel to an AEGEE Cookbook, as well as implementing a healthy approach in Summer Universities as well as conferences, seminars and more.

The team is focused on including the topic of health in the long-term agenda of AEGEE. They would like to inform students in an attractive and reliable way about healthy lifestyle and motivate them to implement it. Furthermore, another objective is to help students to make an informed choice regarding their health, emphasizing the connection between eating habits and health. That way it will be possibly to identify and make students aware of factors around us that influence our lifestyle decisions.

Getting Involved

There are many ways to get involved in this project. Fresh members can organize an event in their local, related to one of the project topics. They can also participate in the projects activities (for example contributing to the cooking channel). Experienced members are also welcome to organize an event in their locals. What is more, they can also help with the content, PR or FR. Very experienced members can give their input with managing the project, either in PR, FR or content (in case of relevant studies or knowledge).

Related fields of study:

  • Non-formal education
  • Medicine, food-related studies
  • Economics for the management part

Working methods:

Emails, Skype meetings, Sharing data systems (Google docs, Dropbox, etc)

Amount of work required:

For the members of the Health4Youth Project Team, at least five hours per week is required.