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Beyond Europe – Perspectives for Tomorrow’s World

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Flagship Project for 2010/2011


Basic information

Established: 2010

Ended in: 2011

Main aims:

  • Awareness: Create an educational dialogue with young people in and outside Europe on global challenges and actions undertaken to tackle them
  • Participation: Encourage youth involvement in the collective effort to tackle global challenges
  • Multiplication: Inspire young people to become successful multipliers in their societies using the knowledge, experience and skills acquired during the course of the project
  • Cultural diversity: Create a culturally diverse work environment and increase intercultural dialogue with youth organisations in the world


Beyond Europe was the Flagship project 2010/2011 that aimed at empowering young people in and outside Europe to tackle global challenges.

The Beyond Europe Project consisted of multipe sub-projects:

  • ‘The UN Millennium Development Goals – A Challenge for Today’s Youth?’ constituted a part of the flagship that literally took us beyond. The initiative aimed to empower young people to contribute to the achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals. The project mobilised youth in Europe, India and South Africa, and aimed at laying the basis for a sustainable partnership between young citizens in these three regions.
  • ‘Euro-Arab – Understanding each others’ challenges’ was an initiative focusing on the exchange of perspectives between students of these two regions, geographically neighbours, yet sometimes seemingly worlds apart.
  • One World Conventions on Global Challenges werethematic conventions focussing on particular global challenges. These conventions, took place in Europe, organised by AEGEE locals, and assembled different stakeholders with an interest in the respective global challenges.

Case Study Trip to India video:

Video by Ágnes Molnár, AEGEE-Budapest