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AEGEE-Europe has been running successful thematic projects since 1985. AEGEE-Europe projects aim to provide:

  • Educational platform on various topics – from sustainability to youth empowerment,
  • Multi-level engagement for youth – from grassroot initiatives to influencing European policy processes,
  • Space for individuals to become actors and active citizens – from global citizenship to advancing human rights

AEGEE-Europe projects are lead by youth for youth – involving various parts of the AEGEE network across Europe and with the support of the AEGEE-Europe headoffice in Brussels. The projects organise various activities in different cities including: training courses, seminars, conferences, action days bigger and smaller contests, always finding creative ways to involve young people!

The projects are coordinated by international teams of young people who obtain valuable transversal skills on project management while taking part in them. Using digital participation plaforms and social media, AEGEE-Europe projects have been reaching out to hundreds of thousands of young people from all over Europe.

Current Projects:



Europe on Track



Recently ended Projects:

Democracy in Practice




Y Vote 2014
Europe in Exchange
Youth unEmployment


Past Projects

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