OPEN CALL Members of IT Committee also for Non-IT!

IT Committee is looking for fresh and motivated members willing to get involved in exciting AEGEE world of IT!

ITC is open to all members who are willing to deal with AEGEE IT infrastructure and services but not only, also to those which are interested in how to use Web 2.0 tools or in Internet Governance topic, which deals with topics, like privacy, freedom of expression, censorship or copyright.

As an ITC member you could choose in which field you would like to work on:

a) AEGEE IT infrastructure – AEGEE has several servers distributed around the network which are running various services (websites, mailing lists, mail server), this servers and services has to maintained, supporting other AEGEE bodies with services

b) Online Membership System (OMS) – developing and supporting the future IT system which should replace current Intranet

c) Organize IT European School – work on preparation of ES related to IT field

d) Internet Governance – work on AEGEE position related to IG policies, preparation of youth event before EuroDIG Lisbon 2013

As you can see from field IT knowledge is not obligatory for all fields and it is up to you which one you choose. It can be from programing code of new Intranet, administrate servers, create websites or work on policies.

Your profile:

  • some experience with IT or curiosity to learn
  • 3-5 hours each week to spend on ITC tasks
  • motivation, enthusiasm and proactiveness
  • a lot of fun with the task 🙂

What we offer:

  • experience with real IT services
  • valuable knowledge of progressive Internet tools
  • participation in EuroDIG in Lisbon
  • freedom and creativity to develop ideas
  • an opportunity to challenge yourself and to learn by doing

Interested? Submit your application bellow.

Deadline is: 25th of March

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