OPEN CALL for locals – Actions of Europe In Exchange Project

Dear Aegee Boards… Europe is in Exchange!!

In short: Europe in Exchange (EiE), AEGEE-Europe project, aims at bringing all the students and young people in Europe and neighbourhood countries the possibility to take part in mobility programmes.

Europe in Exchange wants you to help to promote and make easier for students to participate in mobility programs during 2013 (both during this and the next semester). Therefore, we proudly invite you to collaborate with us in organizing some of our actions at local and European level!

These are the actions we are proposing you to organize together with us:

  • European Mobility Days, under its two possible forms:
    • Promotion actions
    • Local conferences
  • New partnerships
  • Language exchange activities
  • Lobbying
  • European conferences

All the actions we are proposing to you, except the last one (European conferences) are local actions, which we will help you to implement thanks to the guidelines document we have written and the guidance of our team members.

Below you can find a short description of each action:

European Mobility Days

European Mobility Days consist of organizing one day action in your university/city to either promote mobility programmes among students (promotion actions) or discuss about how to increase the possibilities for students to participate in mobility programmes (local conferences).

-Promotion actions: they will aim to inform students about possibilities for mobility. You could organize workshops at universities, info events, as well as workshops at high schools. Most of the students know about Erasmus, but there are many other possibilities for mobility not so known and AEGEE can help to give them visibility.
– Local conferences: With the background of the end of Lifelong Learning program (which will be replaced by Erasmus for All/YES Europe), it’s a good moment for AEGEE to evaluate the program and the situation for mobility of students, helping to develop an opinion of AEGEE in the topic. A local conference with the participation of students which participated or are participating in mobility programmes can bring interesting conclusions, both for students and the university.

New partnerships

A powerful way to promote student mobility and strengthen your institutional relations with the university is by helping to establish new partnerships between universities. Locals participating in this action will contact the Universities, present our project and try to encourage them in creating new contacts with institutions & new partnerships. The project will provide you with a dossier to explain the proposal to the university. a document with guidelines, the contacts of other universities which want to participate in the action, as well as guidance during the whole process. If you are interested, you can join the group “New partnerships for mobility programs” in Facebook.

Language exchange actions

Language exchange actions refer to find innovative ways to interact with people of different language culture and learn a language in an entertaining way. Actions as language meetings, tandem system and language library are some of the options to promote the development of foreign languages competences of students, what will allow them to break the language barrier which can scare them away to participate in mobility programmes.

If you are interested, you can join the group “Language exchange programmes in AEGEE” in Facebook.

Lobbying actions

We want you to take part in bringing the word of students to the policy makers of your university. For that, we propose you two relevant topics to lobby/advocate for:
* Easier procedures when applying for mobility programmes.
* More courses in English in the universities

Also, the lobbying actions could be combined with the local conferences to have a bigger impact.

We will help you in the process to make your voice to be heard.

…. and we also search for locals who are willing to co-organize and host one of our European Conferences the following months (probably in Autumn)!!

· European conferences – EiE is inviting antennae to organize one of our 3 European conferences to discuss about the current situation and future perspectives from the mobility of students, focusing in neighboring countries of the EU. Each conference will focus on a different region:

  • European conference about mobility of students in Eastern Europe countries.
  • European conference about mobility of students in Western Balkans countries,
  • Euro-Mediterranean conference about mobility of students in South Mediterranean countries

Locals from these regions will have priority when applying to organize the conferences, but locals from other regions could be selected too, so don’t hesitate to apply if you are interested.

Conferences will approximately host a total of 25-30 people (20-25 participants + 5 trainers) and last between 5 and 7 days. Locals will need to take care of the logistic part, while EiE team will take care of providing the content for the conference and help looking for funds.

Locals interested in organizing one of the three European conferences can apply till Friday 22th of March sending a motivation letter explaining the motivation of the local for organizing the conference and the resources (human, material and economical) they count with to organize it. Locals interested will be contacted afterwards for the selection of the organizing locals.

Moreover, if you want to organize other activities not mentioned before to support mobility of students and you would like to receive support, you can also contact us.

This can be a great opportunity for your local to organize thematic activities in your city, strengthen the institutional relations with your university and to attract new members.

We’ll support you in any possible way; Providing guidelines for the actions, offering support to the locals, promoting the events, helping you with any problem that you could face, etc. We are a motivated team willing to help you.

Make our project, your project.

Are you interested to make your antenna to participate in the our actions? Please send us an email to europeinexchange(AT)aegee(DOT)org

If you have questions or need more information, please check our blog or contact us at europeinexchange(AT)aegee(DOT)org

We look forward for your application!

Best regards,
Your EiE team