Open Call for Ambassadors of Europe on Track

The time has come for the Coordination Team to select the travellers of the second edition of Europe on Track. Once again, the team is looking for six people who would spend one month (April) with travelling across Europe ad discussing the topics of Europe on Track with young people.

Exciting? Sure it is!

To apply becoming one of the six lucky travellers of Europe on Track and win the chance to cross Europe by train using first-class InterRail passes, fill in the following form. For further information, please read the Open Call below.

The application period closes on January 19 23:59 CET

Happy New Year and good luck with your application!


Dear AEGEEans

Happy New Year to all of you! Time to plan a new and exciting adventure for 2014! 🙂
While evaluating the applications for hosting locals and drafting the routes of the travellers,
we are announcing the Open Call for Ambassadors of Europe on Track 2!

As you might already know, we are looking for – 2 teams of 3 people – 6 people
who would travel across Europe for one month via train and would bring the project to life.

Your task will be to present the main topics of the project at each stop and to take care of the necessary documentation of the events. For this we are looking for those enthusiasts who can prove their expertise in one the following fields:
* Interviewing/Blogging – high level of English and academic writing skills
* Photography – experience in travelling photography (preferably bring your own camera)
* Video-making – professional video-making skills (preferably with your own equipment)

Exciting, as the project is, the applicants will also have to take into account the following:
* You will have to take an active part in the content preparation phase (February-March) and attend a Training Event (end of March) before the official launch of the project in Brussels
* You will be responsible for the proper documentation of each stop (regular updates and constant communication with the coordination team)
* You will have to prioritize the project over other obligations of yours (studies, exams etc.)


Since the Europe on Track events will centre around a series of interactive workshops and presentations, each member of the team is required to have the necessary skills in public speaking and preferably experience as a workshop presenter or trainer.
The hosting local will provide the logistics for each event, but communicating the message of the project and guiding the discussions will depend entirely on the travellers.

If you are positive in taking up this challenge (and a lifelong experience!) to become one of the faces of Europe on Track 2, please fill in this application form.
You can also read more about the thematics of the project by downloading the project dossier

Wishing you all an exciting start for the new year, lots of energy, enthusiasm and most of all, good luck with the applications! 🙂

Europeanly yours,

Réka, Roció, Turgut, Luis