New Comité Directeur

September has come and AEGEE’s New Board of Directors got into office

With the first of September not only a new academic year has started in many European countries, but also a new Comité Directeur in the Headoffice of AEGEE in Brussels. The team, CD 2009/2010 consisting of six students was elected by the General Assembly (Agora) in Cyprus in April 2009. will represent the association from September 2009 until September 2010.

The new Comité Directeur consists of:

President: Agata Patecka AEGEE-Poznan (Poland)

Secretary General: Olga Basova AEGEE-Sankt-Peterburg (Russia)

Financial Director: Nico Huurman AEGEE-Delft (Netherlands)

External Relations Director: Agnes Leyrer AEGEE-Szombathely (Hungary)

European Institutions Director: Denis Maksimov AEGEE-Moskva (Russia)

Network Director: Anita Kalmane AEGEE-Ogre (Latvia)

The new President Agata Patecka will be represent AEGEE externally in the European Commission, European Parliament and the Council of Europe, ensuring AEGEE’s strong voice in youth policies. Her responsibility is also to keep contact with patrons of AEGEE-Europe and partnerorganisations. Apart from supporting members of the Comité Directeur, she will also stay in touch with International Politics Working Group (IPWG) and the Team of the new Flagship project – ‘Beyong Europe’.

Olga Basova will be maintaining the AEGEE-Europe Headoffice, deal with IT issues (together with the assistant) and spread the words of the Comité Directeur to the Network. Olga is responsible for the Chair team of the Agora, and will also observe the work of Summer University Coordination Team (SUCT), Human Rights Working Group (HRWG) and Information Technology Working Group.

Financial Director Nico Huurman who will take care about all the finances as well as keep an eye on Juridical Commission, Audit Commission and Dance Working Group (DWG).

Anita Kalmane will serve her term as Network Director and Vice-President. Her task is to take care about all the locals, human resources and internal communication, thus she will also take part in the work of Network Commission, Members Commission, AEGEE-Academy, Public Relations Working Group (PRWG) and Culture Working Group (CWG).

The new External Relations Director, Agnes Leyrer will be responsible for Fund Raising and external PR. She will organise the Study in Europe Fair in Kiyv and Leiden, connected to the two Agorae. Enrich the career platform, create a platform for study abroad opportunities, and find even more language schools to give discount to AEGEE members. She will also be responsible for the content of the AEGEE webpage and external communication as well as taking care of Liaison Agents, Environmental Working Group (EnWG) and BoBiGoSa.

Denis Maksimov is the new Director for European Institutions. He will manage AEGEE’s ties with institutional sponsors and partners. He will look for ways to improve institutional representation of AEGEE-Europe to European and worldwide organizations – potential partners of AEGEE-Europe in our fields of action. Multitasking is Denis’s credo, he expects to make an input in AEGEE projects, Liaison Officers, Visa Freedom Working Group and Education Working Group (EWG) as well.

Last, but not least, for six months AEGEE-Europe will get a helping hand from Manos Valasis from AEGEE-Peiraias, who got approved as assistant of the secretariat. He will help the Board of Directors in all IT related issues.

In 2010 AEGEE-Europe will celebrate its 25th anniversary with conferences and events planned all over Europe dealing with respective topics of European youth policy. In the same time AEGEE and its partners aim at empowering young people in- and outside Europe to tackle global challenges through the flagship project ‘Beyond Europe’.

The activity plan for the upcoming year will be presented on-line on the 7th of September and life at the Agora in Kiev in October 2009.