Meet the travellers: Natalia Kondrat from Udine

Natalia Kondrat

Age: 23 years old
From: Udine, Italy
Studies: Translation and Cultural Mediation

My name is Natalia, I’m 23 years old and I was born in Poland, where I got my first degree in French Philology. Now I study Translation and Cultural Mediation at the Faculty of Languages in Udine, Italy. I speak Polish, English, Italian, French and Spanish, and currently I’m learning Serbian-Croatian and I love the way languages can easily open the World to you. I’m passionate about photography, and I’m especially interested in portraits that are able to express more than a thousand words, and catch precious seconds. I also like literature, as I appreciate the power of words a lot, especially the one of poetry and artistic prose. I’m an active member of AEGEE, the organization that literally changed my life and my vision of it.
The thing that concerns me the most, and the one I would like to change, is a little awareness of young people about the opportunities that Europe and NGOs can give to them. I can’t stand watching my friends and others doing nothing creative in their life, still hoping that the university is enough.

The Europe on Track project, apart from being my dream about the Interrail travel coming true, is a chance to use my talents and communication skills to contribute to something meaningful. Europe gave me so much till now, and I hope to give something back.