Meet the travellers: Mathieu Soete from Leuven

Mathieu Soete

Age: 26
From: Leuven, Belgium
Studies: Law, Management

It is sometimes said that Ryanair has done just as much for European integration as the EU, but to me travelling by train is the best way to see the diversity of our continent in the right perspective. The slower pace of train travel, the constant contact with both locals and other travellers, and the real touch with the land, allows you to realise that borders can separate countries, but not people, ideas, or beliefs. A project like Europe on Track will therefore give a much more representative cross-section of the view of young people on Europe than any remote survey could ever achieve.

This is the reason why I want to participate in Europe on Track: for the unique opportunity to delve deeper into the preoccupations of young Europeans, and share their stories and concerns with the rest of our network and European society. And of course, as AEGEE’s newly elected Policy Officer on Sustainability, what could be more effective in reaching out to members across Europe and collect their opinions on this topic as well? After all, the future of Europe will be sustainable, or it will not be.