Meet the travellers: Manuel Arias from Madrid

Manuel Arias

Age: 27
From: Madrid, Spain
Studies: Media & Educational Studies

The future of Europe, nowadays, is quite confusing for many young people. In Spain, many people do not know exactly what is happening in the European sphere and thus it is very important to know what other people in different countries think, to get to a better position for everyone in Europe. With this, the six of us are given the opportunity to explore and make videos all around the continent; both an incredible trip and being part of something that is important for all of us.

I am a filmmaker starting an online business based in Madrid. I am very interested in social media and networking as ways of growing and becoming better. I love humor, sports, surfing videos and humor sketches. I have a Master’s degree in Media Communication and Education. Currently I am writing my thesis on the viral phenomenon, concluding how always looking for new interesting things happening in the world can enhance your vision about the world.