Meet the travellers: Héloïse Treis from Fribourg

Héloïse Treis

Age: 23
From: Fribourg, Switzerland
Studies: Law

I’m Héloïse. I am 23 years old and love photography, traveling and music. The fact that my parents come from different countries and speak several languages made me very open-minded. As much as I love my hometown Zurich, my friends and family, I am always excited to travel and meet new people. In addition to being an engaged AEGEE member, a passionate photographer and globetrotter, I study law. After finishing my bachelor, I want to specialize in Human Rights because I am hoping to have an international working experience, and it’s a field where I would like to dedicate my passion to achieve much needed progress.

Discovering that – even as a student – I can or even must have an impact on events that are happening around us is something I have to thank AEGEE for. In my opinion, the majority of people are (theoretically) interested and able to participate in shaping the future, but at the same time overwhelmed and often even paralysed by the complexity of the issues Europe and the World are facing. BUT: as giving up is not the solution, we need to start asking questions, getting people more involved, and inspiring them to become active citizens. I think that this is exactly what “Europe on Track” will do, and I am extremely happy and thankful that I can take part in this amazing project, document it through my photography, and spread my enthusiasm among other Europeans.