Meet the six ambassadors of Europe on Track!

Time has come to introduce our travellers to the audience. They took on the exciting challenge of travelling across Europe for one month presenting the project, guiding discussions and collecting the ideas of young people on the future of Europe. But who are they and why did they decide to apply to becoma an ambassador of the project?

Team Red:

LuciaI am convinced that the project will be implemented in the right time.
After the hard years of the crisis in our continent, its economic circumstances deepened into lives of many Europeans. The crisis through which we are passing is the crisis of social patterns that we were used to follow. It is the crisis of citizens’ confidence in the political and civil representatives. It is the time when new leaders should arise and bring new perspectives into society. This can only be done when looking ahead in collaborating vision. This is why I find the concept of the Europe on Track 2 project very relevant nowadays- young people need to be informed and have a say about Europe they would like to live in. Young people must be aware about the importance of upcoming European elections for their future and possibilities that Europe offers to them nowadays. I believe that Europe on Track 2 together will contribute to decrease the number of Eurosceptics presented in the European elections 2014 and propose new concepts of political engagement of young people

MonicaI believe that in these uncertain times we, as young people, should take our world in our own hands and participate actively in developing positive change together with everybody who wants to cooperate with us. But for this, supportive structures need to be provided including a trustful and empowering role of the adults, but also a legal structure which offers space and impulses for participation, mobility, and self-realization of youth. Nowadays we, as young people, are often more ready to deal with uncertainty, fast changing circumstances, and the challenge to act in networks, often international, often using virtual tools. We have a fresh view on the reality, which helps to avoid outdated thinking pattern and supports creativity and innovation. Only together with us tomorrow’s solutions can be developed, because we are asking the right questions.

GergőEurope on Track 2 will be the perfect carry on of the first chapter, although now the aims are a little bit different. But still, I believe, as one of the ambassadors I could promote the Erasmus+ program, which I really believe in. Personally, I will apply for this mobility exchange in this February, so during the trip I will have a huge knowledge about every details of the program. What is more, I already studied abroad with Erasmus and I also took part in an Erasmus internship. Besides of this, I wrote my bachelor thesis about the Lifelong Learning Program, so I think I would be a perfect choice to promote Erasmus+. Nothing shows better, I could support this part of Europe on Track than the above mentioned facts. I also think, we have to encourage the European youth to be active and build their own future. With Europe on Track we can persuade them to stand up for their rights and vote on the elections. In the view of this, I think the concept of the project is really good and well structured, but mainly necessary, because with Europe on Track we can be active and we can make European youth active as well.

Team Blue:

WesselMy idea of the concept of Europe in Track is bringing an as honest as possible story of Europe; not a promotion talk but a critical reflection of people’s thoughts about the European idea. I would like to shed light on different sides of the story: the great promises and the disappointments. Aspects of success and failure; hope and despair. I would like to involve both young people and people from older age to see contrasts and similarities between different generations. And foremost, I would like to shed light on the political reach of the European project. What issues can be politicized and what not? And in this respect, why would it be important to vote in the European elections and how could we change European institutions to increase their democratic impact? Should we be afraid of, or embrace the idea of a European federal state?
In this light, I would like to talk about mobility in the European Union; what did Europe bring us and what is still missing? What advantages do people perceive from increasing mobility in an increasingly interconnected world of decreasing distances? And what is the role of new technologies in this development? Furthermore, also because of my experiences as an entrepreneur, I would like to talk about the promises of entrepreneurship. Is it based on solid developments, or would a new “entrepreneurial” bubble be likely to occur?

YanaFrom my point of view, ‘Europe on Track’ has three great roles to play.
First of all, it is about empowerment. It is a well-researched and a well-known fact that Europe is experiencing democratic deficit. Turnout at the European Parliamentary Elections has been decreasing and people know little about what EU does. This project is an attempt to breach the growing gap between politicians in Brussels and young people on the streets of Europe. It is about giving voice to those that might not be heard but have a lot to share.
Second, ‘Europe on Track’ is about education. I have understood from your dossier that the team will give information to young students about various opportunities to study abroad and how this will open new doors to them. Furthermore, I will not be surprised to see many Europeans being unaware of the upcoming elections. Since the team of Ambassadors will be traveling 2 months prior to the Elections, they can motivate and remind Europeans about their right to vote and be heard on the European level.
Last but not least, this project should inspire. What do I mean? ‘Europe on Track’ should also portray the beauty of Europe, of its people, its cultures, its cities, etc. It should make people want to step outside their comfort zones, and experience new things. Only by satisfying our curiosity through mobility and exchange of ideas, languages and cultures can we truly become united.

JavierIn these times where crisis is the most heard word in my country, I think economy may not be the main problem in the world, but to change some of our daily life values, to change the engine of the world. That’s why I study Audiovisual Communication, because it’s a very powerful way to spread a new and healthy lifestyle, to send a message to people and impact because of its shape and content. I believe in a world without borders, and the main step to get there is supporting European Union and get involved in it.

In addition, we would like to thank all the applicants for their very high quality motivation letters and valuable ideas to better the project. The Coordination Team had a very difficult task selecting only six people out of the total of 58 applications.
We hope you will be motivated to apply for the project next year and continue following Europe on Track 2 this year!

Europe on Track 2 is going to be launched on the 9th April 2014!