Join Europe on Track at the EYE 2014

Europe on Track”, winner of the 2013 European Charlemagne Youth Prize, invites you to join the presentation of the documentary and the recommendations gathered about young people’s vision of Europe. The event will be moderated by Mrs Katrin Ruhrmann, Director for Information Offices of European Parliament, and Mrs Bettina Leysen, Vice-chairwomen of the Charlemagne Prize Foundation.

Time: Saturday 10th May, 13:30-14:30

Venue: European Parliament Strasbourg, room LOW N1.2

During the first edition of the project, hundreds of young Europeans were engaged in the discussions tackling the most pressing issues our generation is facing: What can young people expect from the Europe of tomorrow?  How can we preserve our present and sustain our future? With the travellers of Europe on Track discussing the focus topics of the project (Youth Participation, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship) in all the 35 cities they had visited, a network of young Europeans was given the chance to speak up and to contribute to progress we all aim to reach in Europe.

Réka Salamon, project coordinator, and Mathieu Soete, ambassador of the 1st edition, will lead the session and review the conclusions of that travel with the youth present at the European Youth Event.

This event also marks the end of Europe on Track 2, during which six new travellers have visited 25 cities in 16 countries – reaching the Baltics, the Balkans and Ukraine- discussing about mobility programmes, youth employment, the European elections, youth participations and europtimism.

In the run-up to the European elections, the event in Strasbourg provides a unique chance for Europe on Track to engage a mixed European crowd into the discussion and getting an insight into how they want to shape the future of Europe, their future.

Which Europe do you want for your future? Join Europe on Track on the last stop of the journey and have your say!