Health4Youth Project: AEGEE-Europe launches a Europe-wide project about healthy lifestyle for students

Is health a priority for students? What are the different opinions on health across Europe? How can we ensure that young Europeans receive proper knowledge on health topics? These are some of the main questions to be addressed and tackled by AEGEE-Europe’s new initiative: The Health4Youth project.

“The Health4Youth project touches an important field in the framework of youth policy, the wellbeing of young people and how we can support young people with having a healthy lifestyle” says Eider Gardiazabal, Member of the European Parliament and President of the Youth Intergroup during press conference on 19th of February in the European Parliament in Brussels.

After its official launch, the Health4Youth project will start to promote the importance of having a healthy lifestyle towards the youth of Europe and give them information and tools on how to live a healthier lifestyle. Young people in Europe have difficulties making healthy choices and the rates of diabetes and obesity amongst them are rising. These alarming signs were the initiation of the Health4Youth project. Mayri Tildo, Project manager of Health4Youth, explained that this project is led by ten young European students from all different corners of Europe with different backgrounds. Together, they will make sure that this project will serve as a platform for young people to receive insights on how to live healthy, ask advice on health related topics and bring together the different opinions on health.

Aims of the project will be achieved through non-formal education techniques in a youth-friendly and accessible way. In order to stay accessible, the project will stay in touch with students in Europe via their Facebook page (, Twitter (@Health4Youth) and via their own website. “Right now, we see that there is no common platform for students to ask questions about health, resulting that in many occasions they put it off or do not dare to ask their parents or their teachers. AEGEE-Europe hopes that this project will be able to cover this.” says Luis Alvarado Martinez, President of AEGEE-Europe/European Students’ Forum.

What is more, this project will not only provide reliable and accessible content for European students, but will also organise events all over Europe, which will be open for everyone who is interested in the topic of healthy lifestyle. In this way, the project aims to include the minorities in the society as well. Next to that, the project strives to create and educate health multipliers using non-formal education techniques who will implement the gained health related knowledge in their communities in their home countries. In this way, the reach of the project will be extended beyond those directly engaged within this project.

Record of Press Conference

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