Global Youth Forum in Bali

The Bali Global Youth Forum was held in Indonesia on December 2012. Its aim was to review the implementation of the Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development and prepare the follow up beyond 2014. As a result, recommended actions for the outcome report of the review were produced, together with recommendations to be included in the the post-2015 United Nations development agenda. Additionally, the Global youth Forum helped to generate a new consensus on putting youth rights at the heart of development policies.

AEGEE-Europe participated in the Global Youth Forum, represented by its President Luis Alvarado Martínez. AEGEE has dared to go beyond Europe once again, reaching the United Nations level for second time in 2012 after the presence at the Rio+20 Conference. The conference in Bali involved around 1000 youth delegates from all over the world, working on the five following topics: Education, Employment, Health, Family and Sexuality and Participation. The recommendations of the event – which AEGEE-Europe contributed actively to draft– will be adopted by the Secretary General of United Nations, Mr Ban Ki Moon, who will then pass them over to the UN Member States to be adopted and implemented.

To read the recommendations of the Bali Global Youth Forum, click here.