From Bilbao to Madrid – the Crisis in Spain

In Bilbao Red Team stayed only one night, but had a chance to see the marvelous Guggenheim Museum.
The city itself sets an unusual example of blending traditional and modern, a startling coexistence of
conventional and extraordinary. No surprise, this is clearly visible in the general mindset of people;
even living in a country that has been badly struck by the crisis, they do believe there is a way out
and that crisis can be overcome. Their rather optimistic attitude is not unfounded; the unemployment
rate in the city is rather low compared to other parts of Spain; around 20%.


The topic of our discussion in the technical University of Bilbao was Entrepreneurship and
the high unemployment rate in Spain. The participants acknowledged the difficult situation
and expressed their fear that the crisis will reach Bilbao as well. They are aware that the situation
is better than in most parts of Spain, yet they think it is vital to act now in order to ensure that
the tendency will not worsen on the long run. “By working on a better representational system
in the national governments – via national youth councils for instance – young people can ensure
their ideas are going to be taken into account. After all, innovations and development cannot
hapen without proper support. This is why young entrepreneurs should be ut first and foremost
in the line of help.” – says one of the participants during the discussion in Madrid.

After watching TED screening about Entrepreneurship, we discussed the topic some further
and more and more controversial thoughts were brought into light. “Although an entrepreneurial
attitude and the willingness to innovate are useful skills to obtain, they do not mean that these
can be the ultimate solution. Not everybody is a born to be an entrepreneur, somebody has to
collect the garbage as well“ – a valuable food for thought.

On the other hand, everybody agreed that ‘entrepreneurial thinking’ is something that should be
dealt with more care in education as well – teaching the basic methods of starting an own business,
the pros and cons of being your own employer and most of all; how to think outside the box.