77 dead citizens

confirmed deaths

2.000.000+ displaced


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What do we need?

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Bulgaria needs your help NOW

The BRC is already supporting the affected people in Varna by providing drinking water, refreshment drinks, food and emergency relief items from its disaster reserve. The Emergency warehouses of the Bulgarian Red Cross are open and ready for distribution of blankets, folding beds, bed linen, pillows and other emergency items to the people in need.
The Bulgarian Red Cross opens a designated bank account:
UniCredit Bulbank AD
IBAN: BG64UNCR76301078660913
BIC: UNCRBGSF (for the flood victims in the country).

Check Bulgarian Red Cross website
Read more about the situation, click here

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) estimated that the damage from record floods in Serbia and Bosnia could cost more then three billion euros, 2 billion for Serbia, and around 1,3 for Bosnia. Damage to the energy sector is also likely to be costly, particularly in Serbia, where the largest mining complex Kolubara, crucial for the country's energy system, has been flooded. In addition, roads, railways, water supply and energy transmission infrastructure have also been badly hit, which could affect businesses across the region.

Urgently needed:

  • Water;
  • Hygiene products shampoos, shower gels and washing powder;
  • Instant durable food (more canned food and jars of pasta and rice because not everyone has a place to cook);
  • also send food that doesn’t contain pork;
  • Disinfectants;
  • Products for babies (especially food).
Highlight all consumable items with a waterproof marker and write the letter "H" or the word "DONATION" on the barcode, so we can prevent the reselling of products.

Other needs:

  • mattresses;
  • Linen;
  • Bunk beds;
  • Diapers for children and adults;
  • Torches;
  • Batteries for flashlights;
  • Aseptol tags 5P;
  • Rubber boots.

Please do NOT send:
Clothes (collected enough) - Home appliances (currently there are no conditions for the acceptance of such things) - Items that you yourself would not use in your daily life (used notebooks, things that are dirty, stained, etc.)

How to collect and send those goods? Several volunteering associations are on it.
Is it difficult for you to send goods? Make a donation to Red Cross, governments or embassies.
You don't have the possibility to contribute with donations? Share this page with your friends

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This section is continuously updated with fresh informations. We do our best to verify all data we receive.

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Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina IBAN: BA391401011200153388 SWIFT: SABRBA22 Account No: 140-101-12001533-88 Name of the bank: SBERBANJ BH d.d. Sarajevo Address of the bank: Fa Andela Zvizdovica 1/A, 71000 Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina

Red Cross of Croatia IBAN HR6923400091511555516 ref. nr. 08 SWIFT: PBZGHR2X || make an on-line donation (see instructions in PDF)

Red Cross of Serbia IBAN RS35205007080003980905 - name CRVENI KRST SRBIJE - address SIMINA 19, Belgrade (Stari Grad), REPUBLIC OF SERBIA || floodrelief@gov.rs donate via PayPal to the government

Wizz Air is the latest airline to join the aid effort and help those affected by floods in both Bosnia and Serbia. The low cost airline is offering free transport to all European aid agencies sending rescuers and workers to Serbia and Bosnia on its flights headed to Belgrade and Tuzla respectively. Aid workers must submit their details to communications@wizzair.com to book their tickets. Several aid agencies have already used the opportunity to do so. Wizz Air becomes the fourth airline to help aid victims following Air Serbia, Croatia Airlines and Montenegro Airlines.

All people who collected the necessary assistance for those that need it most in Serbia to bring the same to the relevant Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in their country of residence, which will further inform the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia to grant the consent for the necessary assistance to be transported by regular lines of national airline Air Serbia to those who need it most.

Help from Albania

Empfänger: Hilfsaktion „Zusammen für Serbien und Srpska“-„Zajedno za Srbiju i Srpsku“ IBAN: AT381400001010071441 BIC: BAWAATWW
and this is where the goods are collected:
- stadium SK Srbija 08 Kaiserebersdorf , address Zinnergasse / 17:00-21:00h.
- KUD Bambi ,Huttengasse 81/ecke Hasnerstrasse, 1160 Wien, od 10-20h
- Krafftgasse 5 or Untere Augartenstrasse 31, 1020 Wien /09:00-22:00h
Check this
31st May (13-20h) & 1 June (8-18h)

FC BOSNA BXL Rue Joseph Schols 5
1080 Molenbeek

Representation of Republic of Srpska CPO, Sint-Martinusweg 189/14, 1930 Zaventem

Call prior to bringing donations: 02 256 75 56 or 0491 18 19 05 02 687 32 23 or 0476 84 13 36

Embassy of Serbia Boulevard du Regent 53 1000 Bruxelles
Embassy of Croatia Avenue Louise 425 1050 Bruxelles
Also check this
or contact Croix Rouge

Help from Belarus

Help from Bulgaria

Help from Denmark

Help from Estonia

Help from Finland

Les dons financiers pour les Balkans, reçus sur le fonds d’urgence du Secours populaire français, peuvent être envoyés aux comités et fédérations du SPF ou au Fédération de l’Isère du Secours populaire français
8 rue des Peupliers - 38100 Grenoble
CCP 80521F Grenoble
04 76 23 64 30 - contact@spf38.org / www.spf38.org
ou par don en ligne : www.donner.spf38.org (Précisez "Fonds d’Urgence")
Check this page
Check this page #2
Check this page #3
Check this page #4
This is where people can come and bring things in Berlin: Taubertstraße 18, 14193 Berlin - Telefon 030 895 7700, 030 895 7702 22
donate to Red Cross

Help from Greece

Help from Hungary

Firenze (raccolta venerdì 23 maggio)
Torino (raccolta sabato 24 maggio)
PUNTO DI RACCOLTA PER LA BOSNIA È in Via Pascoli 45-p.t. a Trieste (orario garantito di presenza tutti i giorni dalle 17 alle 20; per la consegna in altri orari telefonare: Sefik 340/7272406 o Jasmin 389/1165108).
PUNTO DI RACCOLTA PER LA SERBIA Il punto per la raccolta degli aiuti umanitari per la Serbia è presso la Comunità religiosa serbo-ortodossa in Via Genova 12, a Trieste tutti i giorni dalle 9 del mattino fino alle 19 di sera.
Missionari Saveriani di Udine - Via Monte San Michele 70. Tutti i giorni mattina e pomeriggio fino a sabato 31/05/2014

Altri indirizzi in questa pagina
... un piccolo contributo da parte di tutti può fare la differenza, se fossimo noi in una situazione simile ci farebbe piacere ricevere aiuto no?
contact the Red Cross

Help from Macedonia

Help from Montenegro

Help from Poland

Help from Portugal

Help from Romania

Help from Slovakia

Nombre del titular: EMBAJADA DE LA REPÚBLICA DE SERBIA – MADRID Dirección del titular: c/Velazquez 3, 2º, 28001, MADRID IBAN: ES05 2096 0603 3534 99837704 Nombre de la entidad: CAJA ESPAÑA Denominada: Ayuda a Serbia

Help from Turkey

Help from Ukraine

Help from Canada: check this.

Help from USA: check this.

Worldwide: contribute with a shirt.

If you find mistakes or you want to add something, please send a mail to this address.

Embassies' phone numbers


Austria: +43.1.811.8569 Belgium: +32.2.502.0188 Bulgaria: +359.2.973.3775 Czech Republic: +420.224.422.510 Denmark: +45.3333.8040 France: +33.1.4267.3422 Germany: +49.30.8147.1210 Greece: +30.210.641.1375 Hungary: + Italy: +39.06.3974.2817 Macedonia: +389.2.308.6216 Netherlands: +31.70.358.8505 Norway: +47.2254.0963 Poland: +48.22.856.9935 Romania: +40.21.409.2601 Russia: +7.499.147.6488 Slovenia: +386.1.234.3250 Spain: +34.91.575.0870 Sweden: +46.8.440.0540 Turkey: +


Albania: +35542256548 Belgium:+3226392036 Belarus: +375172220144 Bulgaria:+ 35929433225 Austria:+4314859524 Russia:+74956373222 Spain:+34915776881 switzerland:+37052690007 Slovenia:+38612004401 Italy:+390636307650 Hungary:+3613541315 Netherlands:+31703632542 Germany:+49321915514 Sweden:+41313520275 Poland:+48228442393 Portugal:+351213021033 Romania:+40223003655 Turkey:+903124460831 Estonia:+35896850170 France:+33153700280 Ireland:+35314767181 Denmark:+4533919095 Czech:+420235090801 Montenegro:+38220269760 Greece:+390636307650 Ukraine +380 44 486 21 22


Albania: +35542223042 Belgium: +3226472652 Belarus: +375172842984 Bulgaria: +35929461635 Great Britain: +442072359049 Greece: +302107774344 Denmark: +4539297161 Italy: +39063211950 Hungary: +3613428512 Macedonia: +38923129298 Germany: +49308957700 Norway: +4723115220 Poland: +48226285161 Portugal: +351213015311 Romania: +40212119871 Russia: +74959886645 Slovakia: +421254431927 Slovenia: +38614380111 Turkey: +903124260236 Ukraine: +380444256060 Finland: +3586847466 France: +33140722424 Netherlands: +31703632397 Montenegro: +38220667305 Czech Republic: +420257532075 Switzerland: +41313526353 Sweden: +468218436 Spain: +34915635045