Launch of the “Europe on Track” project

At a time when the idea of Europe is being questioned, we think it is important to ask its youth, what is their position and what are their expectations from the Europe of tomorrow. As a youth platform, we think it is fundamental to give voice to the young generation, in order to take their opinion, their realities and their wishes into account.

AEGEE-Europe, in collaboration with its partner, Interrail, is launching the “Europe on Track” project. Along with our wish to build a stronger identity of our association, we are launching this project, which will enable us to capture young people’s vision of the Europe of the future, and provide a snapshot of AEGEE and its members.

The main topic of the project is therefore “The Europe I want for the future”, giving young people the space to share what the Europe they dream of looks like. We believe that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the six ambassadors, who will be given the chance to explore Europe in a very human way, by provoking intercultural meetings and discussions with local people. Their mission will be to talk, film, shoot, exchange with the young people and AEGEE members they will meet along their journey, and to gather enough material in order to develop several materials for AEGEE.

In a nutshell, ”Europe on Track” consists of six people, divided into two groups of three people, who will experience Europe, during one month, by travelling and meeting its young people and capturing significant moments of their lives.

How will it work?

Six people will get the opportunity to travel across Europe, through cities where AEGEE is present, and capture the expectations of youth for the future of Europe. In order to cover as many countries, regions and cities as possible, they will be divided into two teams of three people.The two teams will cover different geographical areas. The selected people will be offered one interrail pass each, and together with their two other travel mates they will start a journey which shall last one month.

AEGEE-Europe will be following the travelers on a daily basis, in order to receive their feedback, as well as help them with logistic details. Each team will be, of course, requested to update the network on a daily basis, through a blog and a facebook page which will be created for this purpose.

How to participate

Those who would like to participate in the project need:

  • TIME: One free month before the end of 2012.
  • CREATIVE SKILLS: Photography, filming, or writing. AEGEE-Europe is not in measure to provide you with material (camera etc), therefore you will be working with your own technical equipment (camera etc.).
  • SOCIAL SKILLS and WILL-POWER: you will meet a lot of people during your journey, and in order to gather quality material, we need you to be an entrepreneur, and have an ability to easily establish contact with people. Likewise, as every journey, you will go through difficult moments. The team members have to be convinced that this is the project of their life!

Convinced? Send us your application until 20th of October through the following form:

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