Europe on Track – Launch from Leuven!

Saturday morning, 11am. Seven people in dark green hoodies walk through the gates of the scouting premises in the centre of Leuven. After a day of preparation in Brussels, they are ready to kick off the project which will define their every step in the coming month. They are the members of Europe on Track: Cristina Manso, Manú Bueno, and Mathieu Soete (Team Blue), Natalia Kondrat, Héloïse Treis, and Benni Battke (Team Red), and the coordinator of the project, Réka Salamon.

Participants discussing the project with Mathieu (Team Blue)

Inside, 25 AEGEE-members from locals around Belgium and the Netherlands are waiting for them,
eager to learn more about this new initiative. But first we go into the city, shooting material for the
launch movie, and putting the last hands to the schedule for the first days of Europe on Track.
After a tour through the beautiful university city and lunch in the centre, we return to the
scouting building to discuss about the project, its methods, and topics.

Since various sessions during the Network Meeting had already provided a strong base for
implementing ideas on cooperation and possibilities to enhance the project, Europe on Track
received a lot of insightful feedback and more importantly, great interest from the Network.
Both the coordination team and the participants will definitely take these ideas into consideration
in the further development of the project.

Ideas, questions, suggestions for Europe on Track!

So what is going to happen exactly?

Team Red (Heloise, Natalia and Bennie) are on their way to Paris right now, while
Team Blue (Cristina, Manuel and Mathieu) are enjoying the hospitality of AEGEE-Enschede
since yesterday evening. The teams’ plan is to continue the adventure and discover
what young people think about the Europe of tomorrow.

What do You think?

Where is Europe heading? How can we participate? What is sustainable growth? These are just some of the questions we will try to solve during the coming weeks, and the participants of NWM Leuven have given us a long list of additional ideas to work with: United States of Europe in 2020, utopia, reality, or rubbish? Will everybody with a university degree be able to find a job in 2020? How easy is it to start a new business in your country? But also: How objective can you be when interviewing people, and how will this influence the final results you get?

Find out how you can shape Europe – follow our ambassadors and Europe on Track!

We would like to thank AEGEE-Leuven for hosting the launch of the event
and wish them good luck with organising such quality events like this Network Meeting was!