Europe on Track 2 empowers European youth to become actors in the construction of the Europe of tomorrow

AEGEE-Europe launched on Wednesday 9th April the project Europe on Track 2 in the European Parliament. After presenting in the press conference, six travellers divided in two teams began their routes, crossing the European continent by train during one month, with the objective of interviewing young people from various backgrounds about their vision of Europe.

To set the context, the results and the documentary from the first edition, winner of the 2013 European Charlemagne Youth Prize, were presented to the audience. Then the project coordinators introduced the features of Europe on Track 2, which this time focuses on encouraging young people to get involved as active citizens and capture possible ways of participating in the construction of the European Project.



“At a time when European integration is being questioned and young people’s future prospects have become hazy, in Europe on Track we want to act as a loudspeaker for the youth, bringing their opinion, their realities and their wishes to decision-makers” Réka Salamon, project coordinator.


The six travellers will pass by 25 cities in 16 countries, reaching the Baltics, the Balkans and Ukraine. In the local events they will discuss about mobility programmes, youth employment, the European elections, youth participations and europtimism. All the discussions and insights will be documented with videos, pictures and articles shared in the Europe on Track blog and through social media.



In order in order to overcome the geographical and time limits, Europe on Track partners with Debating Europe who will host online debates on two of the topics: youth mobility and youth participation. “With this partnership we hope to spark online discussion that can add to the project’s results, engaging more young people and even not-so-young people from all European countries” Rocío Leza, project coordinator.

Speaker from the Youth For Public Transport presenting the concept of carbon footprint calculation

Speaker from the Youth For Public Transport presenting the concept of carbon footprint calculation


AEGEE also counts with the support of Interrail, who makes this ambitious project possible. Besides, our partner Youth For Public Transport supports the sustainable transport of the travellers by providing them with a carbon footprint calculator created especially for the project. “We thought that there was no better way of contributing to the project then supporting the sustainable transport of the travellers, providing them the possibility to really think about their mobility choices!”Jerome Kisielewicz, Y4PT.