Equal Rights

The Focus Area of Equal Rights aims to acknowledge and tackle discrimination based on gender identity, expression and sexual orientation and promote equity from an intersectional perspective. The ERWG ensures that AEGEE focuses parts of its activities and advocacy on Equal Rights and that the yearly objectives of the Action Agenda are met. It develops its own projects and content, and supports locals in organising events and activities. It is composed by a maximum of eight members with a one year mandate.


  1. Educate 2000 young people on the intersectional approach to equal rights issues regarding (but not limited to) gender equality, LGBT+ and racism.
  2. Send AEGEE members to 30 external events to develop relevant expertise on the topic of equal rights and write articles to The AEGEEan about these events in order to share the knowledge.
  3. Organise 15 events in cooperation with relevant partners in the field of equal rights.
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