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Europe on Track 4 (2017)

Team Blue

Watch this space!

Team Red

Watch this space!

Project Team

Luca Bisighini
27 years old

This project is a cornerstone of what AEGEE stands for.
Most of europeans discovered the diversity of Europe through journeys and trips. With EoT we can act diversely: we can make more discoveries on Europe and europeans by actively go and ask important questions. If tailored and well studied, this project will become huge!
Anastasia Chaykina
20 years old

Hey there! I will do my best to raise
the awareness of our project to overall European level! Just because I am incredibly fond of international communications. Of course, multicultural jokes and stories from my side along the project will be included 😛
Benedetto Grillone
22 years old
I joined Europe on Track because after my experience as ambassador i can say that i truly believe in this project’s mission and i want to contribute to make it better.
Álvaro Nieto
23 years old

Because I want to improve our society by knowing the opinion of the European People.
Maiko Machavariani
33 years old

I joined EoT because I like the idea of crossing the borders and bringing people of diverse backgrounds together to volunteer for common good.
Tola Akindipe
27 years old

I joined the project because I think the idea of travelling around Europe and collecting ideas about key themes is awesome. It is also important since there is a massive disconnect between Brussels as a concept as the average European and a project like this seeks to close that gap.
MariaMaría Ballesteros Melero
22 years old
This project is the best example of what I wish for Europe: no borders, cultural exchange, youth mobility,
 democratic values and tolerance, fostering solidarity and creating
bonds that will empower young people to become active citizens and decide their future.
               Eleanor Denneman
        23 years old
 I joined EoT because I want to help to follow, capture and release
(footage of) dreams  of  fellow Europeans,  while pushing and breaking through the boundaries
and borders of our continent, not outward, but onward.
Alper Güvercinni
26 years old
I applied for this project because I would like to deliver a valuable contribution to the unification, the long-term solidarity and decisiveness of Europe (not only Europe but also other parts/areas that are being included in this continent).



















Former ambassadors of Europe on Track

Team Blue

Europe on Track 3

Ksenia Lupanova
From: Moscow, Russia

Benedetto Grillone
From: Napoli, Italy

Hanna Polishchuk
From: Kyiv, Ukraine

Europe on Track 2

Yana Brovdij
From: Zakarpattia, Ukraine

Javier Castillo
From: Las Palmas, Spain

Wessel Reijers
From: Enschede, The Netherlands

Europe on Track 1

Cristina Manso
From: Burgos, Spain

Mathieu Soete
From: Leuven, Belgium

Manuel Arias
From: Madrid, Spain

Team Red

Europe on Track 3

Magdalena Kortas
From: Gdansk, Poland

Chikulupi Kasaka
From: Mbeya, Tanzania

Hemmo de Vries
From: Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Europe on Track 2

Monica Nica
From: Vaslui, Romania

Lucia Sobekova
From: Bardejov, Slovakia

Europe on Track 1

Natalia Kondrat
From: Udine, Italy

Héloïse Treis
From: Fribourg, Switzerland

Benjamin Battke
From: Aachen, Germany