Introduction about Europe on Track

Introduction about Europe on Track2014-03-30T16:50:47+00:00

Where is Europe headed? What can young people expect from the Europe of tomorrow?

These questions have been of great concern for many young Europeans recently. AEGEE-Europe launched the “Europe on Track” project in order to find the answers. In the framework of this initiative, six young Europeans will travel the continent by train at the end of 2012, and in the course of one month, gather the answers to these, and further questions, through photography, videos and interviews. The “Europe on Track” project was launched to advocate for a better future for European youth, and to capture young people’s vision of the Europe of the future by the end of 2020, as well as provide a snapshot of AEGEE and its members. The main topic of the project is “The Europe I want for the future”, involving young people around the continent in discussing the current situation and their own prospects.

In the months of November and December 2012, six people – divided into two teams – will get the opportunity to travel across Europe, through cities where AEGEE is present, and capture the expectations of youth for the future of Europe.

This initiative is possible thanks to Interrail