Did the Wall really fall?

It was 50 years ago when the Berlin Wall start being built. It was 50 years ago when Germany got divided in two. 22 years after the fall of the Wall, we can see a lot but a united Germany, a lot but a united Europe. And that makes us wonder if the Wall really fell in the souls and minds of people!

Fear, prejudices, rising nationalism, xenophobia, racism of any kind. Do we really get the real picture? Do we really get out of our microcosm and see the real picture? Our Europe is still divided. In the two, three, tens of different sides of the modern Berlin Walls we are building every day with our own hands.

What did you do dear European Commission and Parliament to prevent the minds of young people from being poisoned with nationalism? What were the successful results?

What did you do dear National Authorities to make the future generations be open and not as racist and xenophobic the current generation of Europeans is?

What did you do yourselves, dear Citizens of Europe, to demonstrate your acceptance, openness, respect and tolerance towards other Europeans?

We, the European Students’ Forum, the present and the future of this continent, we know we are not alone.

We know that we are not the last idealists of Europe.

Raise your voice citizens of Europe.

Strive for the change. Join us.

Let’s stop building Walls around Europe.

Let’s only build the Europe of our dreams. Altogether.