Day of Europe

On 9th of May we celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, which was the first move towards the creation of what is now known as the European Union.

This day reminds us that we shall never forget that Europe has not always been the continent in peace, as we know it today. Attempts of unification have been initiated by various countries, but in the past, efforts at European union were based on domination of one group over another. These attempts could not last, because those who had been conquered had only one aspiration: to regain their freedom. Today’s ambition is completely different: to build a Europe, which respects freedom and the identity of all of the people which compose it.

For this occasion AEGEE alongside with numerous other organisations is organising „Day of Europe events” all over the continenent. The main objective of the different events is to promote the European idea, European citizenship and active participation. Encouraging young people to gather more information about the European Union and use their possibilities, the EU gives them!

Different topics are discussed and different actions are taken by young people all over Europe on this day. AEGEE-Craiova is focusing on Sustainable Development and AEGEE-Iasi in Romania will spread natural products with EU symbols on it and flyers with the information about the history of Day of Europe, across the city.

A one-day conference is organized by AEGEE-Rodos, where European Studies professors are initiating discussions with young people about Jean Monnet’s and Robert Schuman’s input in European integration.

Another conference of AEGEE-Delft is highlighting the impact of European integration in the field of engineering.

Questions of identification of young people and understanding the perspectives of the future of Pan-European identity are the topic of the activities organised by AEGEE-Linkoping.

Posters and leaflets are informing about Day of Europe in Elbasan (Albania) as well, where the celebration is not widely known by youngsters. AEGEE-Elbasan is trying to encourage young people to find more information about the European Union in general.

Youth participation is also a key point for Ukraine’s future development, therefore lectures for students will be given by professors of European Studies, organised by AEGEE-Lviv.

Leaflets and posters are being spread in the city and for a whole week in the university and debates with Members of the Parliament of the European Union are organised by AEGEE-Valletta.

Concerts of young talents devoted to the common celebration of the Day of Europe were planned by AEGEE-Vilnius on the other side of Europe.

Ten events among hundreds in Europe, pointing at one aim: To make European youth understand that despite our history and differences, we are all “United in Diversity”.