Corporate Affairs Project

The Corporate Affairs Project is supporting the development of youth initiatives, provides tools, knowledge and networking opportunities.

Using scientific approaches to fundraising, smart networking strategies, innovative techniques and insights can lift the quality of projects to the stratosphere and give way to ideas worth spreading! Fundraising goes far beyond emailing local companies and asking for money; and CAP investigates in how to play this game like a pro.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • to create a pool of best fundraising practices across Europe;
  • to study communication with private and institutional partners to obtain non-material resources and deliver youth advocacy and expertise towards policy-drafting institutions;
  • to facilitate young people’s networking and cooperation with other NGOs and partners.

For „CAPers” 2009 has been the year of raising competencies and knowledge – the introduction to sophisticated areas of FR, GR, lobbying and corporate communications. In May 2009 the event “Crossing Borders, Chasing New Horizons” was marked as the project’s kick-off. It was organized in the framework of CAP by AEGEE-Brussels and Young EU-Russia and funded by the European Commission’s Youth in Action grant.

In December 2009 an ambitious activity plan was set up, supporting the three objectives. CAP will organise a Conference on Creative Fundraising, covering private, NGO and corporate FR. The event will be held in May in Moscow, Russia – details will be available in AEGEE’s calendar of events.

A Research on Creative fundraising in EU and non-EU countries is being started in the beginning of 2010, based on know-how and experience of AEGEE locals around Europe.

Trainings on networking and start-upping are planned around the network. Moreover CAP is looking forward to contribute to AEGEE’s Position Papers, youth advocacy work and external representation.

CAP is extremely open to cooperation with AEGEE locals, universities, NGOs, and professional associations. The Project Team is looking for partnerships and welcomes new „CAPable” members, interested in the field of corporate affairs. CAP is also currently looking for IT and FR officers. For detailes and online application click here

For more information please visit or contact Dariko Tsulaya, CAP HR Officer (