Borderless Europe: Blessing or Burden?

AEGEE-Cluj Napoca is organising the event of spring 2016 between 6-9 May: Borderless Europe: Blessing or Burden? Winner of the Franck Biancheri Award 2016 - the local is working closely together with the representatives of Assiciation des Amis de Franck Biancheri and the Your Vision for EUrope Project in order to bring a 3-day long thematic conference to life with open space discussions with experts, workshops for better understanding the European project, getting to know the different narratives from inside and outside the European union and finally, to gather young people's wishes and recommendations for the future of the European project! [...]

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Open letter – Presidents of pan-European youth organisations call upon the European Council to preserve the Schengen principles

AEGEE-Europe signs the open letter to Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, initiated by JEF-Europe. Brussels, 17 February 2016 Dear President Tusk, We are writing to you today as representatives of fourteen pan-European youth organisations - representing millions of young people across Europe - because we are seriously worried about the future of the Schengen Area. Open borders are one of Europe’s greatest milestones – we want to keep it that way. The increased migratory pressure in recent months has led to a gradual suspension of the institutions of the Schengen Area. Most notably, we have seen temporary reintroductions [...]

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AEGEE-Europe launches ‘Faces of Europe’ project

Inspired by the famous Humans of New York, AEGEE-Europe launched Faces of Europe, a photoblog that aims at making Europe more personal and exploring the human diversity of our continent. Faces of Europe was launched on January 7th under the framework of AEGEE’s latest project, Your Vision for EUrope. It wants to collect and spread the faces and voices of people from different social, cultural and national backgrounds and to find out what ‘Europe’ means to them. Five “faces of Europe” coming from the Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, Germany and Finland have been already published so far, including the story of [...]

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AEGEE-Budapest organises ‘Refugees in Hungary – recent events in light of the migration policy of the EU’

From left to right: the PDU’s Veronika Czina, Carlos Puente, Pétér Balázs and András Kováts. On September 23, 2015 AEGEE-Budapest co-hosted a panel discussion together with the Project for Democratic Union on the Hungarian refugee crisis in light of the EU’s current migration policy. The conference held at Corvinus University in Budapest featured PDU’s patron, Professor Péter Balázs from Central European University, who is also a former Foreign Minister of Hungary, Dr. Carlos Puente, Doctor in Economics and Attorney at Law, and András Kováts, Junior Research Fellow at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Director of the Menedék (Shelter) – Hungarian [...]

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AEGEE-Europe joins the ‘eSkills for Jobs’ campaign

AEGEE-Europe is happy to take part as one of the stakeholders of the “eSkills for Jobs" campaign, a multi-stakeholder campaign from the European Commission involving companies, associations, education and training bodies across Europe. The campaign is aimed to raise awareness of the need for citizens to improve their command of ICT skills for work. According to an estimation of the European Commission, by 2020 the technological sector will lack 825,000 professionals and 90 percent of jobs across all sectors will require some degree of digital skills in the near future. Furthermore, a growing percentage of jobs in all the economic [...]

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Non-Formal Education Meets Inspiration – University of Youth and Development in Mollina

The university on Youth and Development in Mollina, Spain is really a unique and inspiring place to be. For the 15th edition of the University, once again over 180 people gathered together for a whole week in a campus outside a small village of Spain. The global village atmosphere and a variety of informal gatherings and trainings session offer a valuable chance to bond and create amazing ideas for the future. The University takes place once a year bringing together representatives of youth organisations and youth movements from all over the world who gather in CEULAJ (Euro-Latin-American Youth Centre) to discuss, train [...]

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Inspiring projects by young people at the European Youth Award

Taking over from Holger Schmitt, Network Director of AEGEE-Europe 2014-2015, our Secretary General, Svenja van der Tol, became a part of the online and onsite Grand Jury of the European Youth Award in the past months. The EYA is a pan-European contest to motivate young people, entrepeneurs and start-ups to produce digital projects having an impact on society in the categories Healthy Life, Smart Learning, Connecting Cultures, Go Green, Active Citizenship and Money Matters. After all submissions were judged online in August, for which each juror got assigned one or two categories, between the 10th and the 13th of September the [...]

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The Comité Directeur 2015/16 of AEGEE-Europe starts its term

On 1st August, the 53rd Comité Directeur of AEGEE-Europe kicked off its term in our head office, at the Rue du Noyer 55. We are starting this term with lots of enthusiasm, and we are determined to keep bringing the idea of a united Europe closer to young Europeans and support our Network in their initiatives. The new board consists of: President: Aleksandra Kluczka Secretary General: Svenja van der Tol Financial Director: Ander Guerrero Ruiz Vice President and Projects Director: Réka Salamon External Relations Director: Pablo Hernández Rodríguez Interim Network and Human Resources Director: Maryana Semenyak Communications Director: Anna Gumbau Martínez [...]

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Open Call for MY-WAY Project Officer

AEGEE-Europe is recruiting a Project Officer to work in our headoffice in Brussels.  Job Description Time allocation: part-time (25 hours a week) Starting date: September 1, 2015 (6 months) Responsible to: Secretary General of AEGEE-Europe Salary: 1800 eur/month (bruto)  The Project Officer will manage the implementation of MY-WAY, a two-year long project started on 1st of January 2015 and co-funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The MY-WAY project aims at enhancing and improving the collaboration and efforts of web entrepreneurship initiatives (hubs, projects, accelerator networks, contests, etc.), web/business experts (accelerators, mentors, etc.), educational actors (business [...]

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AEGEE-Europe condemns plans to erect a border-fence between Hungary and Serbia

AEGEE-Europe strongly opposes the plans of the Hungarian government about the erection of the 176 kms long fence along the Hungarian-Serbian border. The fence itself is not only a too drastic and impractical measure, but it also carries an unwanted  symbolism which is against the fundamental ideals of solidarity, human rights, openness and integration, which all members states of the European Union agreed on. Accordingly to the recent tendencies of an alarmingly high number of immigrants and refugees entering the European continent, AEGEE-Europe calls upon the decision-makers, heads of states and ministers to immediately start working on a more sustainable [...]

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