Booklet on Cultural Diversity

What exactly is different and what exactly is similar among the very diverse European societies? – is the main question the Cultural Booklet: The Art of Diversity

Everyone who lives in a multicultural environment is confronted with the small and big differences on a daily basis and it often results in either a wrong understanding or a simple lack of knowledge. For this reason the Idea of creating a booklet dealing with cultural differences was born among the members ofthe Culture Working Group. Is students life really different among diverse countries and cultural circles? How do our dreams differ and how do we percept the past, present and the future?

Young people will share their knowledge, impressions and experiences about cultural diversity. The often critical articles will try to cover a wide field of opinions and focus on an issue from different perspectives. AEGEE members have gathered a big amount of experience that can be gained only through direct communication with people representing different countries and cultures. Now it is time to publish them.

The booklet will be divided into 3 basic parts:

First part – Theory

It will deal with the culture and its theoretical background, how it is defined? Is it possible to clearly distinguish between cultures? What happens in border regions? The section will be based on a wide range of European literature.

Second part – Personal experience

Articles will be published dealing with the own experienced of AEGEE members. “How did I feel while living in another country? How do I experience the cultural minorities in my own country? Does a cultural shock always exist? Love and hatred between cultures?” The list of authors is not closed yet, the editors are open for new authors.

Third part – Comparison

A section of individual researches. How do young people coming from different cultures live, what dreams do they have and how do they perceive other cultures? Investigations will be done in different environments and create a unique section of cultural exploration.

The booklet will be a platform to publish the experiences of young people about cultural differences and everything that is connected to it. The publication will be distributed among different students networks and also at local universities, it will reach a wide scale of readers.

The basis of the booklet is ready, however the editorial team is still looking for authors and also sponsors for the printed version.

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