Agora Kiyv

The Fall Agora of AEGEE, was held in Kiyv (Ukrain) on 22 – 25th October


600 AEGEE members from all over Europe were visiting Kiyv, to participate in the Biannual General Assembly of the association, the Agora.

Agora comes from the Greek word “αγορ” and stands for “Marketplace”. Since in ancient Greek cities, the agora was an open space serving as an assembly area and backdrop for commercial, civic, social, and religious activities and debates. In the style of this tradition, the general assembly of AEGEE provokes discussions about Europe, the role of young Europeans and our visions for the continent.

It is the most important event concerning the functioning of the association, and it is a platform for young Europeans to discuss the future of Europe. All the 241 local antennas of AEGEE are represented by their elected delegates, who negotiate and set up the guidelines for the future directions of the association.

The Agora also elects the members of the Comité Directeur and Commissions of AEGEE-Europe. As the result of this Agora’s elections, the following members of AEGEE became members of the European bodies of the association:

Manos Valasis (AEGEE Peiraiás): the seventh member of the Comité Directeur

Alfredo Sellitti (AEGEE Salerno), Marika Heymann (AEGEE Poznan), Michael Makowiecki (AEGEE Hamburg), Eszter Virág Rab (AEGEE Pécs), Tural Abdullazada (AEGEE Baki): members of the Network Commission

Wouter van den Broek (AEGEE Utrecht), Hayal Yildiz (AEGEE Eskisehir), Nikola Miladinovic )AEGEE Beograd): members of the Members Commission

Mirjam Dickmeis )AEGEE Köln), Ester de Koning (AEGEE Leiden): members of the Juridical Commission

Jeroen Straten )AEGEE Nijmegen), Enrico Borella (AEGEE Brescia), Tomasz Richert (AEGEE Gdansk): members of the Audit Commission

Sido de Weerd (AEGEE Groningen), Katja Behrendt (AEGEE Aachen): Chairteam of the Agora

Valentina Berdinskikh (AEGEE Kiyv): Secretary of the Agora

Veronika Braun (AEGEE Passau), Georg Rehberger (AEGEE München), Marleen Hennemann, Miha Suster (AEGEE Ljubljana): members of the Summer University Coordination Team

Silvia Baita (AEGEE Cagliari) and Kamala Schütze (AEGEE Giessen, AEGEE Termoli) are elected Honorary members of AEGEE-Europe