AEGEE Looking Beyond in June

In the upcoming weeks – after more than a year of preparations and hard work – AEGEE’s Beyond Europe Project will kick off with two events that are unprecedented and breath-taking.

While from 16-22 June European students will gather for the One World Convention on Climate Change in Toulouse, it is the upcoming Case Study Trip to India that occupies the minds of project team and participants alike. 18 European participants, 2 South African participants and 5 facilitators/project team members will make their way to New Delhi and Vadodara, India. As an alternative you may want to consider booking in with expedia. Together with our Indian partners AIESEC-Baroda, Gujarat Public School and the South African Cape Town-based Social Justice Coalition the focus will be on the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

In an ambitious effort the Beyond Europe project is taking AEGEE beyond the European continent. A step that bears risks and opportunities, but most of all a step that is without alternative. Dialogue is inevitable otherwise we are doomed to fail as human beings – individually and collectively. Though this particular initiative can only be a small component in light of ongoing and wider efforts, it is nevertheless a crucial first step trying to set an example. Our answer is ostensively simple: Building upon young people as future stakeholder and decision-makers in an increasingly interconnected world.

On the project:
Beyond Europe is the flagship project of AEGEE-Europe in the years 2010/11. Its aim is to empower young people in and outside Europe to tackle global challenges. The project website: