AEGEE-Europe invites you to the press conference marking the launch of Europe on Track 2

Europe on Track”, winner of the 2013 European Charlemagne Youth Prize, is an innovative youth-based project prsenting 6 travellers, designated youth ambassadors, crossing the European continent by train, interviewing young people from various backgrounds about their vision of Europe.

During the first edition of the project, hundreds of young Europeans were engaged in the discussions tackling the most pressing issues our generation is facing: What can young people expect from the Europe of tomorrow?  How can we preserve our present and sustain our future? With the travellers of Europe on Track discussing the focus topics of the project (Youth Participation, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship) in all the 35 cities they had visited, a network of young Europeans was given the chance to speak up and contribute to progress we all aim to reach in Europe.

AEGEE-Europe, in collaboration with its partners InterRail, OSIFE and Youth for Public Transport, is proud to launch the second edition of the project which takes place in April 2014 with a press conference in the European Parliament.

Event details

Date: Wednesday 9th April 2014
Time: 17 – 19 pm
Venue: European Parliament, Altiero Spinelli room A3G-3
Registration: Please confirm your registration until April 1 23:59 CET by filling the form and sending an email to


Europe on Track 2 puts a stronger emphasis on encouraging young people to take action and become actors in the construction of “the Europe we want for our future!”. The new topics will be presented by the coordination team, while the travellers themselves will give an overview of the routes that will take them across the continent reaching the Baltic countries, the Balkans and Ukraine.

On this special occasion, we will count with our partner Youth For Public Transport who is supporting the sustainable transport of the travellers, which is at the core of the project. They will explain the carbon footprint calculator, created specially for the project.

Europe on Track 2 builds upon the successful results of the first edition. Therefore, we will take this opportunity to share the conclusions and recommendations. In addition, the documentary about the first travel back in December 2012  will be shown in premiere.

We would be delighted to count on your support in such an important event.
Come join us to pass on the youth’s message!