Network Commission

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Network Commission

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Contact information:
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Basic Information

The Network Commission consists of up to eleven members elected by the Agora for the duration of twelve months. It’s primary tasks are to ensure the smooth functioning of the AEGEE locals that form the Network, and to enhance the internal communication both within the Network itself, and between the Network and AEGEE-Europe.

Each Network Commissioner should always act in the interest of the Network as a whole, be a trusted source of information and give the best example of an active AEGEE member. Currently the Network Commission consists of Mareike (Speaker), Lisa and Loes (Vice-Speakers), Aleksandra, Kristina, Lavinia, Malwina, Melissa, Pablo, Spyridon, Elena (Assistant) and Kemal (Assistant).

Established in: 1996

Main aims and tasks:

  • Supporting the locals and Working Groups in all reasonable ways, especially by regularly informing the locals about important issues
  • Supporting the work of the Speaker of the Network Commission and of the Network and Human Resources Director of AEGEE-Europe
  • Enhancing the information flow between locals, Working Groups, the Network Commission and the Network and Human Resources Director by providing essential information on AEGEE-Europe to the locals, strictly following the guidelines given by the Network responsible regarding the distribution of information
  • Furthering the organisation of Internal Education events, AEGEE meetings and other events and supporting the organising locals and/or Working Groups
  • Supporting the coordination of local and regional fundraising and PR activities and helping the locals with nation-wide fundraising
  • Furthering the cooperation and exchanges between locals


  • Organising and/or initiating a meeting within the first six months of their mandate (e.g. Network Meeting)
  • Developing the Network, especially by taking measures to help threatened locals and to found new locals and by supporting these with information
  • Motivating the locals to remain active and fulfill their requirements towards AEGEE-Europe and the Working Groups
  • Presenting themselves and a work plan for their mandate to the Network Commission, the Network and Human Resources Director and the locals of their region within the first month of their mandate


The Network Commission was established at the Agora in Athina, in November 1996, at the same time when the number of Comité Directeur members was reduced from 12 to 9. During the period between Athina and the Agora in Enschede (Spring 1997), there was a Network Commission Implementation Team that worked on the creation of the structures that are functioning right now.

The Network Commission (NetCom) is responsible for the contact with the whole Network, working in close cooperation with the Network and Human Resources Director. They are the ones who will pay locals a visit or communicate with them if they need support. The NetCom takes measures to help threatened locals and supports new ones, while motivating the antennae to fulfill the Antennae Criteria. NetCommies organise Network Meetings (NWM), which aim at fostering cooperation, training members (learning experiences) and solving locals’ problems. They are the perfect opportunity to discuss common activities and share experiences.

Always with the support of the Comité Directeur, the NetCom has been gradually increasing its responsibilities and taking a proactive role in the development of the Network. Looking at the present state, the NetCom has earned a reputation of a well-functioning body, whose members are extremely enthusiastic and work very hard for the development and the improvement of AEGEE-Europe.
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Getting Involved

In order to become part of the Network Commission one must run for a Network Commissioner position either at the Spring or the Autumn Agora. The number of Network Commissioners (NetCommies) is 11, out of which 5 are elected in the spring, whereas the other six are elected in the autumn, for a one-year mandate. However, some Network Commissioners have subcommissioners to help them with their work, but their election procedure differs from NetCommie to NetCommie.[/column]