Les Anciens

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Les Anciens (Alumni organisation of AEGEE-Europe)

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Contact information:

A contact form can be found on the Les Anciens website. They can also be reached by sending an email to: anciens-board-l@lists.aegee.org
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Basic information

Established in: 1990

Main aim and task:

Les Anciens d’AEGEE is the alumni organisation for former AEGEE members. It organises regular events where members meet and supports AEGEE when and where possible.


  • Events such as the annual General Assembly, Back2Brussels reunion, Les Anciens New Year’s event, Sailing and much more.
  • Continuity fund to support AEGEE, les Anciens members donate 25 % of their membership fee to this fund.


Les Anciens d’AEGEE was founded in 1990, and is open to everyone who has been an (active) AEGEE member and still has a warm hart for the association,
There is life after AEGEE !
The Les Anciens d’AEGEE team is open to everyone who wants to join and much more information can be found on their website.


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Getting Involved

The only eligibility to become a member of les Anciens is some prove that hat you have been a member of AEGEE, that’s it! a membership form can be found on the Les Anciens website.[/column]