Corporate & Institutional Relations Committee

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Corporate & Institutional Relations Committee

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Basic Information

Established in: 2012

Main aims and tasks:

Providing funding possibilities for AEGEE-Europe by developing corporate partnerships and by preparing grant applications.


  • Developing fundraising strategies
  • Contacting companies
  • Writing applications for funds
  • Increase the knowledge of AEGEE members in terms of Fund Raising


The Corporate & Institutional Relations Committee (CIRC) is the relaunching of the former Corporate Relations Committee which was established at Spring Agora Enschede in 2012. Currently, it has a structure based on three task forces:

  • The Corporate Relations Task Force will be further developing the new fundraising strategy, drafting the list of possible sponsors and partners and contact them.
  • The Institutional Task Force will make a research on new funding possibilities inside institutional sector, prepare applications for these and assist Network whenever local or a European level body will need help.
  • The Fair Task Force will be working on the Fair at the future Agorae, contacting companies and Universities to join the Fair, and cooperate closely with the local organizers on this topic.

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Getting Involved

The Corporate & Institutional Relations Committee welcomes all the members to join and be an active member of the CIRC. If you are interesting in FR, negotiation, business, enterprises or institutions and grants this is your Committee.

The aim of the CIRC is to increase the funding of AEGEE to ensure the association in the long term and in the short term to provide for fundings to current projects, events and activities. Being part of the CIRC is helping directly to make it financially sustainable and give to members more funding possibilities.

Working methods:

E-mails, Skype meetings, sharing data systems (Google docs, dropbox, etc) [/column]