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This page gives you a short overview of the publications and sources of information available in AEGEE, both online and offline. These provide you with information about current and past events, news about the Network and about AEGEE members.

Members Portal – All AEGEE information at one place!

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Members Portal is specially dedicated website for all AEGEE members, where they can find all information on one place. Have you ever been surprised by the amount of pages related to AEGEE, or how many of them are outdated or simply abandoned, or how many different appearances these pages have – as if they did not belong to the same organisation? We have good news for you: all the information you need about AEGEE is in one place now, always updated and following our new Visual Identity: the Members Portal has been launched!

The AEGEEan – The Magazine for AEGEE Members

The AEGEEan is the only magazine for AEGEE members, by AEGEE members. Launched in September 2011, The AEGEEan provides an overview of what is happening in our Network. The variety of articles goes from reporting about statutory events, like the Agora, to interviews with the members of the Comité Directeur and other people actively involved in the European level, as well as travel advice by locals and much more. So check it out! Every AEGEE member can write for The AEGEEan, about a topic fitting in one of the magazine’s six sections: Network, People, European Events, Working Groups, Comité Directeur, and Beyond AEGEE.

Strategic Plan of AEGEE-Europe

Strategic Plan
The concept of the Strategic Plan is to foresee a significant change in our organisation and in Europe in three years, and put AEGEE in a key role towards these changes. This is the reason why the Strategic Plan of AEGEE, in the current shape, is divided in 2 main parts, a thematic and an organisational part.

Strategic Plan of AEGEE-Europe 2017-2020

  1. European Citizenship
  2. Civic Education
  3. Youth Development
  4. Equal Rights